Buying home in Italy

Italy has long attracted discerning foreign home buyers in search of that magic place to enjoy.

With its glorious history, wonderful climate and diverse landscape, from coastal plains to rugged mountains, Italy is the top destination for most independent travellers.

Once you have experienced the true quality of Italian living close up, being a visitor will no longer be enough. Like many before you from across the world, you will want not just to visit, but to own a small part of the dream.

Whether you are looking to buy property in Italy for your retirement, as a holiday home or as an investment you may not have known that it has never been so simple to invest in Italian property.

What’s more, since the price drop of 2008-14 Italian property is now fantastic value. Even better news, is that acquiring Italian property has been made much easier by a new Italian purchasing method called Rent to Buy which was introduced to the legal system in 2014.

We’ve all heard the stories of how difficult it is to secure non-resident mortgage finance from Italian banks. Rent to Buy  cuts through all the problems associated with an Italian mortgage application and can be arranged with no formalities beyond the Rent to Buy contract.  

Act now, request our Free Rent to Buy Buyer’s Guide and get started on your Italian dream.

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