Rent to Buy is the ideal solution to help foreigners buying home in Italy if they are not eligible for an Italian Mortgage.

We are generally requested to advice on the property transaction at the following stages:

a) At the beginning, when the property has not yet been found (starting phase);

b) During the negotiation, when the property has been found and the sale price agreed among the parties, but the buyer has been unable to obtain finance from the bank (ongoing phase).

Due to our unique know-how we are able propose a win-win solution and convince the Vendor to accept Rent to Buy as the most convenient way to sell the property.

Using our service the Buyer won’t need a mortgage anymore and the property transaction will be easier, cheaper and stress-free.


Our consulting service consists of the following steps:

1) Video-Conference with the client, aiming to get a full understanding of all the information, dynamics of the negotiation (also the psychological one) and intentions of the buyer.

This initial phase is absolutely crucial to draw the buying strategy and tailor the next steps on the client goals.

2) Drafting a tailor-made Rent to Buy Offer including all the financial, juridical and fiscal aspects involved into the transaction.

The Offer will be drawn up in accordance with the Article 23 of the Decree 133/2014 and the Revenue Agency Circolare 4/E 19.02.2015.

If needed, and in order to maximize the chances of acceptance,  we propose 2-3 options on the buyers behalf presenting different combinations in terms of duration, amount of advance payment and consequently monthly installments to be paid.

The client has to authorize the Offer.

3) Submitting the Rent to Buy Offer (s) to the Vendor and his consultant.

We personally meet the Seller /consultant in their office, explaining the logic behind it, all the elements included in the Offer and we listen to their eventual response.

In this phase we negotiate the best term and conditions for our client.

4) Once the Offer has been accepted, we draft the Rent to Buy Agreement, submitting it to the Notary and getting it formally accepted.

In co-operation with the Notary we make sure the legal due-diligence over the property has been carried out correctly and there are no obstacles for the future property ownership transfer.

5) Assisting our client the day of the Rent to Buy agreement subscription in the Notary office.

6) Advising our client during the whole Rent to Buy contractual process, until the transfer of the property ownership (“after sale“).


Before drafting the Rent to Buy Offer we need our client to sign the professional Mandate.

We will charge our fee only in cases where the Rent to Buy agreement completes.

In the Offer is not accepted you won’t pay any fee!

Our professional dedication to your case will be the added value for your property in Italy.

You’ll be feeling comfortable during the whole process.