Common mistakes to avoid

The most commont mistake purchasers do buying a property with the Rent to Buy method is to consider the whole procedure an “easy game” every real estate agent knows to deal with.

Perhaps in your country it represents a widespread methodology, but in Italy Rent to Buy is not yet part of the operators culture and daily professional practice.

Undervaluating this circumstance could probably mean you won’t conclude the purchase with the LONG RENT TO BUY method or make it wrong; the worse scenario being victim of not honest agents.

The greatest advantage for the buyer consists in the total juridical control of the property and its material detention; but remember the LONG RENT TO BUY is safe as long as the contract will be properly drafted and filed by the Notary.

That’s why we have dedicated an entire page of this web-site about the Trascrizione (filing); if someone proposes a Rent to Buy without filing the TitleĀ and/or presence of the Notary, then just escape!!

You had a great luck visiting the web site of the Italian Long Rent to Buy specialists: don’t miss it, choose the best consultant.